Post Investment Support

Post Investment Support

Our Commitments To Founders

  • We will be objective and honest with you
  • We will be your partner in the truest sense
  • We are going to push you outside of your comfort zone
  • We will keep you grounded and pick you up through the highs and lows


  • Each company will go through a custom onboarding process
  • During the diligence and the funding process, you may only get to know a few members of the Golden team. We use the onboarding process to connect you with the rest of our team and understand your specific needs and timelines
  • We work with you to create a customized plan, allowing us to support you in the best way possible

Iterating on The Narrative

  • Shortly after investing, we like to collaborate on the Series A narrative to make sure the go-forward strategy is clear and attainable
  • To help you get started, we will share our investment memo to give you insight as to why we invested and what risks we anticipate in the business
Questions we like to have answered include...
  • Note: This is an ongoing process; we often test the narrative with downstream investors, collecting and synthesizing feedback on your behalf. This allows you to stay focused and present the best version of your company when you're ready

Setting Milestones

  • Once we have a working version of the narrative, we work with teams to outline the core KPIs and milestones that will support the narrative
  • Similar to the narrative, we like to validate these milestones with potential downstream investors to ensure we're headed down the right path
  • We'll offer support and resources to help you create company dashboards, investor templates, and board presentations that suit your business

Attracting The Next Layer of Capital

  • We spend a lot of time working with founders to prepare for raising additional capital
  • We strongly believe that founders should develop relationships with multiple downstream investors ahead of their fundraising efforts
  • We have developed extensive relationships in the Venture Capital community in Canada and the US to connect founders with the right partner at the right fund at the right time
  • We are constantly showcasing portfolio companies and maintain a database of all interested investors, which we facilitate introductions to when you're ready

Founder Coaching and Company Building

  • So much of the company's success depends on whether the company's leadership can scale
  • We believe in developing a strong foundation that ultimately helps founders attract the best talent, raise additional capital and deal with the ups and downs of startup life
  • We encourage founders to leverage the fund's respective subject matter and operational experience where applicable
  • We've developed our own programs and partnered with 3rd party organizations to assist in helping founders and their leadership teams learn and grow

Network Development and Expansion

  • We've developed a broad network of potential customers, advisors, and mentors across numerous industries and verticals and try to connect founders with the right people when appropriate
  • We've systemized access to this network to streamline introduction requests
  • There is also a wealth of knowledge and experience across the portfolio as well, and try to connect founders where possible

Attracting and Closing Talent

  • We believe a startup's ability to attract and hire the right talent is critical in company building
  • To support this, we've built a vetted talent base that we share with founders in the portfolio
We've systematized exposure and introductions into to senior talent across the portfolio
  • Founders ask us to participate in the interview process as bar raisers as well as closing key hires

Founder Resources

Having worked with 80+ seed-stage companies, we know what resources founders need and have tried to aggregate, summarize and create templates for plug-and-play use.

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